St. Joseph’s Day Celebrating Time!

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St. Joseph’s Day is not as well-known or as celebrated as St. Patrick’s Day although they fall into the same week so for those of you who didn’t know, today, March 19th, is St. Joseph’s Day. Many people will wear red today in celebration.  So here are a few fun facts about St. Joseph’s Day to get you in the know!

1) St. Joseph’s Day is usually celebrated by having a great feast, but because it falls during lent most of the photos you see representing this celebration won’t include meat products. Foods are usually served containing bread crumbs as a representation of  saw dust, since St. Joseph was a carpenter.

2) If the holiday falls on a Sunday, it won’t be celebrated until the next day because Sunday is the Sabbath and the Sabbath is a day of rest, not of making feasts so it wouldn’t make sense to celebrate a feasting holiday on a Sunday.

3) In Italy, one of the foods eaten on St. Joseph’s Day is a Neopolitan pastry known as a Zeppole. What is a Zeppole you ask? A Zeppole is an Italian pastry that consists of a deep fat fried dough ball that is typically about 4 inches round. This doughnut/fritter is normally covered with powdered sugar, custard or jelly inside. Image

4) In Spain, St. Joseph’s Day is the equivalent of Father’s Day, which makes sense because St. Joseph was the step-father of Jesus so he is kind of the ultimate father figure in Christian history.

5) For those of you not familiar with who St. Joseph was – he was married to the Virgin Mary.

So feel free to go out put on your festive red clothing/jewelry etc  and feast today to celebrate the Patron Saint Joseph, eat lots and be merry!! Happy St. Joseph’s Day everyone!


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