Red Robin at the forum in San Antonio

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Last night I had the rare opportunity to eat dinner with my husband, Scott, at a real restaurant while my children were at Awanas. It was a date! We decided (he decided) to go to Red Robin in San Antonio because he likes their burgers.  I am not really a burger person – greasy beef patties tend to relay their hate in my system for as long as possible, but I can find something on the menu to eat anywhere I go so I don’t usually care.

So as soon as we walked into Red Robin, we were seated, this is very fast for me – but I assume it is pretty standard for two to not have to wait very long to sit but I am usually a group of four so I count being seated immediately as a perk.  As soon as we sat down our waitress came over to get us drinks, again no waiting at all so that was great.  We were on an hour time limit since we would be picking up the kids after eating.

Anyhow after deciding what we were going to eat I surveyed the interior of Red Robin a bit. The place was filling up so we must have been the first of the dinner rush – it was already 6:45 though, so people must eat late during the week. The place was very clean and there were a lot of employees standing around the front waiting for something to do.

As I was sitting and people-watching, the clock was tick, ticking by, and before I knew it half an hour had elapsed and when my grilled chicken burger finally came, it tasted as though it had been sitting instead of coming right off the grill for me.  Now for a family of four I usually expect to eat within 30 -45 minutes at a sit-down place but for two I would think that time should be cut in half- since you have half the number but oh well, that wasn’t a huge deal.

The lukewarm food was the huge deal to me.  Despite the friendliness of the waitress and the appearance of hard work by the employees at Red Robin, I had a very hard time enjoying my food because I like it to be HOT.  By the time I got to my fries they were almost gummy from sitting.

My husband enjoyed his whiskey burger and onion rings, however, but again his was also lukewarm – he is not as picky as me though, if he was on a deserted island he could probably make a meal out of sand. I love that about him because I am not the world’s greatest cook but he eats it all without complaining. 🙂

So if you are in San Antonio out by the forum on the NE side, looking for a mediocre, most likely lukewarm burger, but fantastic service as far as the employees go, Red Robin is the way to go.  As for me,  I think I will be passing on the next couple rounds because I just can’t stand food that has been sitting.


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