International Day of Poetry

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I always thought that the International Day of Poetry was in October – since 1999 however UNESCO has declared it to be March 21st of each year although the U.K. does still celebrate it then. But most of the rest of the world celebrates it today – so I am going to go with the peer pressure! As a celebration to the art and beauty of poetry, I will post up a poem today!

Poetry is a one form of art that cannot be judged by others as it is different for each individual, being open to a variety of interpretations. Each person brings a unique and beautiful style to their own art and I appreciate all poetry because it is all a small piece of the people writing it. The idea that you can leave a part of yourself raw and open on a slip of paper is brilliant to me and I am so glad to be  in a world that embraces it.

So let’s celebrate the International Day of Poetry by sharing the bits of our souls that drip out when we write!

Hand print on My Soul

Her fingers were so small,

So delicate.

To look upon her,

Was to see eternity.

She was perfection,

So small.

My only experience,

With an angel,

Was when Death,

Stole her from me.

Like a thief in the night,

And now she is gone.

All that is left,

Is her hand print,

On my soul.

Happy International Day of Poetry everyone! Enjoy writing, enjoy reading, enjoy being! Without you artists in the world, it would certainly be a less interesting place to live!


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