Three Reasons Why Parking on the Sidewalk is Stupid

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Yes, I know I wrote earlier about a story I read regarding parking on a sidewalk but it really got under my skin and after thinking about it I came up with 3 reasons why parking on the sidewalk is just stupid and I have to share.  Really, you only need one reason but I came up with extras to emphasize how irritated I am by people who are ‘above the law’.

1. The first reason why parking on the sidewalk is stupid is that in most, if not all, states there is actual written law stating that parking on the sidewalks is illegal.  In doing so anyway, you are telling the world you don’t give a darn what the rules are, you are obviously not someone who is held by those laws. Not only that but should you decide to park on the sidewalk, you are opening up yourself to a ticket (citation), towing of your vehicle, and potentially being sued by whomever you inconvenienced.

2. The second reason why parking on the sidewalk is stupid is because you are, whether intentionally or not, putting other people out.  Your selfishness in taking a shortcut is causing mother’s to have to push strollers around – probably into grass, and for those of you who have had the fun of pushing strollers in grass – it is super annoying. Even worse, there are people out there who are handicapped, using canes, using wheelchairs and other methods that depend on a clear sidewalk to get from point A to point B and your stupidity can cause them physical harm should they fall when being diverted.

3.  And the third reason why parking on the sidewalk is just stupid is because of the damage you are doing to your own car.  Even junk cars cost money to upkeep and when you leap your vehicle up over a curb leaving it unbalanced you are doing possible damage to your tires, and your suspension.  So the five minutes it would have taken you to park in a legal space could save you the money you are going to have to pay in the long run to maintenance your car.

I think that is enough on that now, I feel much better venting my irritation. Thank you for reading, and I apologize if you were in anyway annoyed! 🙂

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