Oil Spill Due to Barge Crash In Galveston, Texas

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Yesterday afternoon a barge with heavy crude oil crashed into another ship in the Texas City ship channel.  Because of the collision there is now an estimated 168,000 gallons of oil in the Galveston Bay, but the barge was carrying 924,000 gallons of it so potentially it could be a higher amount.

A protective boom has been laid out at the ecologically critical Big Reef at the end of Galveston Island and Little Pelican Island. Also, there were six crew members that had to be treated for exposure to the hydrogen sulfide that the oil contains but all are in stable condition.

I am not really sure how it is that a barge can crash into another boat. I mean, isn’t this the age of technology? When people have to have some type of skill before handling such a high-risk, hazardous material. How is it that these accidents keep happening that are completely destroying our environment?

And why is this only a blurb in the local paper? I am pretty sure that an oil spill of pretty much any size deserves a LOT of attention and action to take care of it. And this one is effecting the wildlife around that area, fishermen have even been told not to eat what they catch for awhile because of the danger.

Referenced article – Barge leaking oil after collision in Galveston Bay

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