Baby Noel Gets A Proper Buriel – May He Rest In Peace

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Back in December an awful woman Nidia Alvarado murdered her three day old child because she didn’t want another baby.  I am guessing she lived in a box that never educated her that babies could be dropped at hospitals and churches, no murder required.

Nidia Alvarado strangled the baby with a ligature and then stuck him in a duffel bag that ended up at the recycling center, at which point he was found and she was arrested for capital one murder.

The latest news however, is that the baby – named Noel, will finally be laid to rest today after a long battle by Pamela Allen, who raised the funds and got the baby the resting place that he deserves.

It is nice to know that after such an awful end, there was someone out there who cared enough for this infant, that they went to all the work of giving him what every person deserves.  A final resting place.  A special thank you to Pamela Allen, it takes someone wonderful to put in the effort that you did.


Referenced article – Baby found dead at recycling center will be laid to rest Monday


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