Clowns – Creepy or No?

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I just saw an article about a clown that has been wandering around Staten Island apparently creeping people out and I think it is fantastic.  I think up until the time that Stephen King gave us ‘It’, clowns were a happy and fun presence in the world.

I think we should go back to that, I saw some of the photos taken of this “creepy” clown and I don’t think he is creepy, I think he is happy and that he wants to share a little clown joy!  Just because there has been a shadow cast on the whole idea of clowns doesn’t mean we have to fall into it.

I don’t see anything wrong with a clown wandering around, mimes do it and I find them WAY creepier in their depressing black/grey/white get-up. Now, if I see a clown with an angry face and blood dripping out of his jaws, well I may change my mind…but for now I am sticking with my opinion that clowns bring a little color to a dreary world!

I am actually kind of sad to see that the career as a clown is on the decline, when I was little there was nothing cooler than a clown making balloon animals and squirting water out of flowers conveniently placed on their lapels.

I also love that Stephen King gave us the darker side to the idea of clowns – I mean every good thing has a polar opposite so I am sure there are evil clowns lurking about out there, but they would have to paint their faces accordingly so we would be pre-warned of their evil notions! 🙂

Anyway feel free to check out this Staten Island clown, I don’t really see what all the fuss is about – he seems like a happy-go-lucky guy!

Clown on Staten Island just generally creeping people ouClown


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