Tsk Tsk Cascade Rental Management in Oregon!

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A little old lady, Elodia Royce,  in Oregon was told that she is going to be evicted because she won’t take down an American Flag that she hangs in her window at the Happy Valley apartment complex she resides in. Apparently the building doesn’t allow drapes or curtains in the windows – which that in itself is kind of silly, I would not want to live somewhere where my rights to privacy are restricted like that.

Anyhow the flag is not a curtain or a drape and there is no reference to it in the tenant agreement with that apartment complex. Also, she has had it displayed in her window for SIX years, and only now it becomes a problem? Sounds like an anti-American moved in.

I find this situation hysterical, living in Texas there are more American Flags flown than anywhere else I have ever been. So I recommend that no one from Cascade Rental Management in Oregon ever come and visit here because we are proud to display our American roots!

Elodia Royce is taking a stand, and she got a lawyer, Troy Pickard, who is going to handle the situation for her and I say KUDOS! Good luck bringing down the skeeze that thinks a flag should not be up on display! (I clearly have a love for our flag :)).

Seems kind of funny that with a name like Happy Valley that they could do such a good job of making one loyal tenant so Unhappy!


Referenced article – Grandmother faces eviction over a U.S. flag


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