12 Year Old Wins 39th National Rotten Sneaker Contest

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Did you know that since 1974 the United States has had an annual Rotten Sneaker Contest? For those of you with a foot odor that makes you feel ill, this is a great opportunity to make a profit from those stinky toes!

This promotion was actually created by a Montpelier Vermont sporting goods owner, who was advertising a new line of shoes at the time. They came across a pair of rotten shoes that they thought would be great in an ad and inspiration hit! A search for the worst, rotten sneakers! Odor-Eaters actually noticed the event and began sponsoring it in 1988.

This year was the 39th anniversary of the Rotten Sneaker Contest and the first time that it was hosted in New York City, at Ripley’s Believe it or Not!. Jordan Armstrong from Las Cruces, NM was declared the winner at a mere 12 years old. What a contest to win at such a young age!

Jordan Armstrong said that her sneakers got dirty and smelly because she never takes them off, she has worn them for two years everywhere she goes.


I think this is a fantastic idea for a contest, and it really made my day.  What a hoot!


Referenced Article – New Mexico girl wins National Rotten Sneaker Contest


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