Hasidic Jew Assaulted in New York City

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New York City

Assault is a very common crime in New York, just pick up one of their newspapers and it is quite clear. Or, walk down an alley alone at night, although I personally don’t recommend that method of testing. ūüôā

So why is it that when I look at the Texas news today that a common assault has a byline from New York? It is because the victim was a Hasidic Jew.  So that means by default his assault was bias related so it gets a national blurb.  REALLY.

This guy was out walking the town at 2:30 a.m.  Рit was dark and I am sure he was alone.  I am not at all surprised that someone would try to assault him.  Thieves thrive in the DARK! I bet, the bad guy saw a perfect opportunity to rob someone, knocked him down Рand realizing that it was a Hasidic Jew decided to run away.  Would that be bias as well?

Either way I can guarantee you as a plain white girl, if I would get assaulted in NY in the middle of the night I would be lucky to get a byline in the local tabloid, let alone a national shout-out.

Crime is crime. ¬†I don’t care whether the bad guy attacked this person because of his religious/racial background, I don’t care if he attacked him because it was Terrible Tuesday. ¬†The fact is, that the attack happened at all.

To me the motivation behind the attack is not really important, it is finding and apprehending the perpetrator and allowing him to explain himself, then tossing his sorry butt behind bars. ¬†As people, whether we are good or evil our motivations are ALL different, so jumping straight to a bias conclusion doesn’t appeal to me as the best idea.


Referenced article –¬†NYPD: Assault on Hasidic Jew possible bias crime

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