Confederate T-Shirt Causing Controversy

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A father in San Antonio is wanting an NEISD school to apologize for sending his son home from school for wearing a shirt that said “Confederate Born, Confederate Bred.”  The kid, Mason Deering,  is 18 years old and feels that the shirt is not racist but rather a broadcast of his southern pride.

Having been 18 before, I think he is full of doo-honky.  He wore a shirt that could be seen as racist because he thought it would be a funny way to show his southern pride while managing to rile up the people who interpret it differently.  Is it really so difficult to find a way to express your southern pride without dredging up the entire history of a people who are trying to overcome the past?

The school policy, which is drilled into both kids and parents – clearly states that any clothing or hairstyle considered disruptive to the learning process can be reviewed by the principal to decide what the appropriate course of action is. I think that the correct course of action was taken.

Mason Deering knew better.  If he was so proud to be southern he could have made a t-shirt that said “Southern Born, Southern Bred”.  Instead he chose to use the most controversial term that could be thought up and even after being informed of it’s potential to offend, he says he is going to wear it to school again.

Someone needs to teach this kid that there is a bigger picture.  Even if he considers it not to be a racist shirt – if anyone else does, then it is. There is absolutely no reason for the teacher to have to apologize for sending this kid home, I would have done the same.  And as the parent, Robert Deering should know better than to send his kid to public school with a shirt that was clearly going to entice controversy.


Referenced article – Father wants apology for trouble concerning son’s T-shirt

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