San Antonio Pet Expo

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If you are looking to adopt a pet, today is the day to find one! The San Antonio Event Center is showcasing a Pet Expo that will have hundreds of sweet animals looking for a home, in addition, Shorty Rossi (from Pit Boss) will be there with his special pal Hercules!

I went to the Pet Expo event last year and it is insane! (In a great way of course) It is an absolute chaotic mix of all kinds of animals and people giving discounts on toys, food, services such as vaccinations.  Quite a wonderful event and you are welcome to take your own little pet with you as long as he is leashed.

This link will give you more information, but if you are in the area I definitely recommend taking the time to check out the Pet Expo today, you could save an animal in need of a good family!

San Antonio Pet Expo


This is Bella, most of you have seen her before – she is my perfect example of how great a rescue animal can be!

Bella My Rescue

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