Give Freely and Receive the Blessings

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In Sunday School we are still going through the Proverbs and this week was interesting to me in the aspects of what we give of ourselves.  We went over Proverbs 11 but this is the passage we really focused on –

Proverbs 11:24 One man gives freely, yet gains even more; another withholds unduly, but comes to poverty.

The obvious thought that comes to play with this passage is if you have $$$ you should be willing to share it with those that don’t, that is one way to really bless others who will appreciate it down the road.  But there is more to it than that.

We all don’t have Money.  Money is a lucrative thing and most of us spend our time trying to get more and don’t even catch the real things that we should be striving for, but that isn’t the message here, I am just getting side-tracked…SQUIRREL.

We may not all have money but everyone has a gift.  A gift that can be shared with others, that can benefit others, and make them feel good, feel loved.  It is our job as Christians to pass the love of Jesus on in any way we can.  We scatter our seeds (gifts) and in the act of doing so, blessings come back to us.

For example, I share of myself every single day in attempt to raise by children in the way of the Lord.  Yeah, I am fail a lot of times and that is OK, but sometimes I nail it.  Like when I tell my daughter that we should share with one another because Jesus shared everything he had with us and then ten minutes later I see her sharing one of her special toys with her brother Nicolas.  It just warms my soul to see things like that passed on.

On the other side of that however is what happens to those of us who are selfish with the gifts that we have.  We can hoard away all of these things and what you will end up with is rot in your soul. Bitterness and resentment for the things that you didn’t gain when in all actuality if you had shared your special gifts you could have seen the fruit of that come back twice fold.

At the end of the day, or your life, would you rather have an abundance stored up inside of yourself or an entire generation of people who know the love of Christ through your gift giving?  For me, it is obvious and that is why everyday that I get the blessing of waking up I give everything that I possibly can of myself to others – within reason of course. 🙂




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