Maine Man Delivers Porcupine

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I can honestly say that when I see animals get hit by cars, even if I have heard cool interesting things about their innards, I never ever consider going over and chopping them open. I think that is borderline creepy….

But lucky for this baby porcupine I wasn’t witness to it’s mother’s demise!  A man, Jared Buzzell, who was out mushroom hunting saw a momma porcupine get hit by a vehicle and having heard that porcupine tummies have some kind of a unique mineral, he cut her open.

And voila! Instead of a mineral, he found a baby porcupine! He massaged it back to life and became a little porcupine hero.  This definitely falls under my strange but wonderful animal stories!

Does that mean every animal who gets hit should be cut open just in case? I wonder how many baby animals would be saved every year by checking fresh corpses…sooo weird.


Referenced Article – Man does C-section on dead porcupine, saves baby


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