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Throat Slashed Over Card Game

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So yesterday I was catching up on some reading – Culture Monk’s blog to be more precise, for those of you who don’t follow him you should – he has been visiting cafes across the country and has some fantastic experiences that he shares.

Anyhow he had written this great two part piece that I finished reading yesterday that ended with him at a shady place where a poker game happened to be going on and I was reminded of it this morning when I read an article about a guy in San Antonio who got his throat slashed last night….

Over a card game.  This guy was entertaining guests in his home and they were playing cards that ended badly. His wife actually heard glass breaking and went to see what was going on and found her husband there bleeding from his neck and the guys (who she didn’t even know) split.  So now this poor guy is in the hospital in critical condition and no one has any idea who to arrest.

This scenario just flabbergasts me because as highly competitive as I am (oh it’s really bad), I could not imagine a game going so badly that  I would want to stab someone over it.  Now, I know, I know obviously I am not like everyone out there but sheesh, I thought everyone in the world has heard “It’s only a game”.  If you are betting so much on a game that you have to stab someone to get out of paying then shame on you. And if this game wasn’t so abruptly ended over a money loss then HOLY MOLY, how angry someone has to be to just lose…..yeah.

Moral of the story, DON’T play cards with people you don’t know well – and even if you do know them well, maybe don’t use glasses – or have any sharp objects around, or blunt objects for that matter…maybe a strip search upon entering the premises….or skip the cards and watch a movie! 🙂


Referenced article –
SAPD: Man’s neck slashed during card game


Don’t Deserve You – Plumb

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Plumb is a fantastic artist, I rarely run across a song of her’s that doesn’t move me.

If you like her music you can always buy online – Need You Now

I Broke a Doll

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I Broke a Doll


~I Broke a Doll ~

I broke a doll that didn’t cry,
My eyes cried tears for her anyway.

And then I broke a glass of juice that didn’t scream,
But my hand screamed very loudly.

After that I broke a book the binding stayed so silent,
Naturally my response would be to yell incoherently.

Later on I broke a nail that made no remark for it’s loss,
I considered it a favor to remark explicitly.

The silence of all the things I broke today,
Really broke my silence.

Sad Clown – Jars of Clay

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One of my favorite songs, I find the piano in this piece to be quite beautiful, eloquent.

A Little Love Story

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So over the past few days I have noticed a trend between my little pets –



We take naps at the same time every day….

Cat - Dog

Until recently, they wouldn’t even go into the same room together!

Cat - Dog

They seem to have adjusted,


Dog - Cat

Nicolas even photo-bombed!


It wasn’t even just the big couch either….suddenly this is what I would see all the time!

Cat - Dog

They seem to be getting friendlier…


Dare I say almost cuddle buddies?

Well,  I told Thor that Bella was warming up to the cat….this was his response.

Dog - Cat

And in a funny twist, they are actually both looking at the cat right now….lol!

San Antonio Madison Student in Custody – Had Weapons

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Monday morning, a student was apprehended at Madison High School in San Antonio, Texas having weapons including three loaded guns, and a knife. After last week’s threatening note everyone is already on high alert and Madison was on lockdown for about an hour and a half while the investigation was wrapped up.

There is no confirmation that this student, Brendan Tarwater, had anything to do with the note that had been mass mailed out to the schools last week but it seems like even if he didn’t send the mail, he certainly took advantage of the fear of the students, parents and faculty by starting off the week with dangerous intent.

The school’s spokesperson, Aubrey Chancellor, said one gun was an AK-47, one a 45 millimeter and one a .22 caliber. In addition, one of the three had been hidden in a bathroom, exhibiting advanced intent to use. Brendan Tarwater even had extra magazines in his backpack. Brendan was charged with one count of possessing a weapon in a prohibited place and one count of making a terrorist threat. His bond is set at $300,000 total.

With it having been so easy for Brendan Tarwater to bring in such weapons, it may be time for Madison to invest in some metal detectors. Better safe than sorry down the road should another disgruntled child jump to violence as a solution.

Two of my brothers graduated from Madison, and it is really sad to see that a student is so upset that at a teacher that they would want to threaten this kind of violence on people who don’t deserve it. I am just glad that he was caught before he could do any physical harm.

You Weren’t There

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I took a walk but you weren’t there,
To enjoy the beauty.
I flew a plane but you weren’t there,
To feel the breeze.
I sailed a boat but you weren’t there,
To see the waves.
I drove a car but you weren’t there,
To direct my way.
I bought a home but you weren’t there,
To use the extra room.
I was prepared for you, but you weren’t there,
And I was left alone.