Deputy Breaks In to a House and Gets Stabbed

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This weekend an intoxicated San Antonio deputy decided that he would break into the home of a woman he had been in a relationship with that had ended.  She was married and her husband, only having one arm stabbed the deputy badly enough that he is currently in critical condition, but expected to survive.

But for all those times the cops appear to get away with doing the wrong thing, in this specific case, in addition to being stabbed three times, this deputy could be facing burglary charges as well.  So sometimes justice does come in to play for the authority figures as well. Maybe not as often but it does happen.

I guess I have never been so intoxicated that it has occurred to me to break into someone’s house, no matter what the circumstances.  Of course, I am not really the kind of person that gets that riled up about things. If a relationship ends, it ends, move on to the next one, especially when the woman was married already.  Most people are not going to leave their marriage for a fling.  This deputy should have known better.


Referenced article – SAPD: Stabbed BCSO deputy could face burglary charges


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