The Truth About Beauty

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Let’s face it. People are like prunes, we start out all soft and smooth and end up all shriveled and wrinkly.  And, let me emphasize this, THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT.  I feel that the beauty of humanity is that we are all a walking hourglass, our lives are reflected in each line we have, each grey hair we grow.

Comparing ourselves to each other is always going to leave you feeling inferior somehow because there is always someone out there that seems to have more than you.  WHICH IS NOT TRUE. No one can have more than you.  You have yourself and that is the best prize of all.  You may not know it but you were created, knitted together in your mother’s womb, for a greater purpose than you may realize right now.

That is where faith comes in. Even if you don’t know what your purpose is, God does.  He has a plan and I am positive that his plan does not include you despising his beautiful work (yourself).  He wants you to look in the mirror and LOVE what he created.  You, as a human, are his BEST piece of work.

Don’t let society decide what you need.  They have to airbrush and paint pictures just to make believe that beauty can be attained through material means.  IT CAN’T BE BOUGHT.   True beauty comes from within.  Deep within the recesses of your soul.  If you could look in the mirror and see your soul, you would know how beautiful you really are.  No matter what you do to your outsides to enhance yourself, you will never be happy until you find the true root of your beauty. Your soul.

There are many people out there who are aware of how beautiful they are and they are the people who should be telling you, how beautiful you are.  And if they don’t they are missing the whole point.  Knowing your beauty is a gift.  One that is best served when shared.  So no matter how tough it may be, if you tell someone how beautiful they are and mean it – you may just be surprised by the reaction.  We need a world full of people willing to complement each other, rather than the world we are in right now where we tear each other down.

I am not really sure where I wanted to go with this, I just wanted you to know that whether you feel beautiful or not you are.  And you have the opportunity to share that part of yourself with the world. And you should.  Beauty is NOT just on the outside, it is your entirety.  You are a temple and no temple is without beauty.

The Truth About Beauty


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