Breaking News: Shooting at Fort Hood

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There has been a shooting at Fort Hood in Texas. Details will follow as they come in but currently the shooter is still at large and there are 14 people injured at this time, at least two are at the hospital and Fort Hood officials have confirmed at least four people are dead. Various witnesses are saying they heard 10-20 shots go off.

The last known location of the shooter, possibly shooters, was in the Medical Brigade Building at Fort Hood. One confirmed shooter was apparently driving a grey Toyota – some twitter reports say a Camry.  He is a white male in an Army Combat Uniform and is carrying a .45 handgun.

Fort Hood is currently on lock down and Central Texas College has been evacuated just in case. Meadows Elementary is also on lock down as a precaution. So please keep the base and surrounding area in your prayers.  As soon as I get more info I will update.

Witness Tyler, who is currently on the Fort Hood base, wanted to remain anonymous, said “There are 21 ambulances on the street taking people out of the base, about 90 police vehicles are out there. The scene appears secure. SWAT, at least 2 vehicles are coming in as well.”

“We’re heartbroken something like this might have happened again,” Obama told reporters in Chicago when he addressed the ongoing situation at Fort Hood.

UPDATE: The shooter, Ivan Lopez (a military truck driver) was neutralized, sources are not saying self-inflicted or not yet  and Fort Hood is no longer on lock down although they are still investigating .


For the most recent update check out –


MY TAKE:  Yes this is the second time in just a few years that Fort Hood has been the target of a violent crime. Does that justify the gun control activists position that we should not be arming people in the United States? OF COURSE NOT.  If anything we should be loosening the laws on base to give these military employees a better chance of survival when some PTSD maniac dives into the black hole of doom and wants to take everyone with him.

The truth is, we need to be putting more funding into getting adequate psychological help for these veterans who have been  through *ell to keep this country, and others safe.  I personally cannot imagine how deep those emotional wounds go, but I know what being wounded feels like – and losing the most important thing in your life, and without the right kind of help, well  I could very well have been one of those maniacs who goes on a baby stealing spree…..if there is such a thing….off track, where was I?

Oh yeah, instead of focusing on the weapon of choice to take people out, we need to get to the root of the problem.  His emotional state was NOT where it should have been, and I am positive that if he had been better cared for emotionally this would have never happened.  I think that we completely underestimate what our soldiers go through everyday, and everyone handles their baggage differently but I am pretty solid in my position on this.

Just look at the stats on other preventable crimes versus gun crimes in the U.S.  If someone jumps off the deep end they do damage no matter what weapon is available, and for those of you who say “Yeah but the gun crimes kill more people” well hrumpf.  Every life is just as valuable, so if one dies that was just as important as the three yesterday.


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