Older, Wiser, Safer

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When I was younger, ten years ago or so I worked two jobs and attended college at the same time.  I was a late driver so my real experience in driving came during that time period and I had my moments of danger and adrenaline rushes. In fact, the first day that I got my driver’s license and insurance – literally two hours later, I turned left in front of someone who happened to be speeding (and was high…but I didn’t know that until he bragged about it to friends later) and totaled his car.  I was driving one of those 1986 Plymouth Voyager beasts and only messed up the door, but the insurance agent was MAD and wanted to tell me I wasn’t covered but it all worked out.

Anyhow, that was the first of many little things that I have done on the road that can be considered ill-advised, dangerous, stupid, and many other descriptives, but really, that was the worst accident that I have had (knock on wood). The minute I started driving with someone else though my driving changed, I wanted to be safe with my future husband in the car so I drove more cautiously and my number of curb bumps narrowed.

And then, I got pregnant.  In the very moments from not knowing you are pregnant to knowing, the entire world changes.  And that included my driving.  To be honest, I didn’t really want to drive at all because the guilt I would have over anything happening to this child would DEVASTATE me.  But a girl has to work, so I pushed forward and kept driving, but my focus was 100 percent on the road and following the laws to ensure that every single preventable was taken. I didn’t drive like a granny because my husband always says slow is more dangerous than fast but I also did not speed. I didn’t cut people off and I did not run stop signs or drive out in front of trains. I can’t speak for my husband on this, but I am over 50 percent sure that he felt the same way.

And now, having two children to keep safe in my car my views are still just as strong about keeping my kids safe by following the road rules.  I don’t think that there is anyone who can say that this is wrong.  My own personal safety has never been a huge thing to me but keeping the people I love as safe as possible absolutely is.

So when I see things like the video I linked at the end here, I see red.  RED.  I don’t care if some guy wants to make dumb choices on his own but when you have a family that you supposedly care about, is it really that difficult to wait the extra couple of minutes before going?  I just cannot stand how some people just take things for granted, like – if I drive around this gate a train WON’T hit me.  Fortunately no one died, a miracle by any standard but it just makes me sick that this guy endangered his children like that.

Referenced article – MUST-SEE VIDEO Red-light runner struck by Houston commuter train

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