El Chupacabra – Texas Has it All!

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Sunday night a couple in Ratcliffe, Texas caught themselves a mysterious little guy that they think is actually the Chupacabra and now everyone is just excited to check him out.  Brent Ortego, a wildlife diversity biologist with Texas Parks and Wildlife thinks that it is some type of canine however, with a bad case of mange. So while they are waiting for the testing results – not sure what that entails, Arlen Parma is just taking care of it.

I hold any thoughts on the reality of the existence of El Chupacabra until there is identifiable proof just because it is like a unicorn, or a vampire in my imagined mythological list.  It would be kind of neat if it actually was though, after all these years to actually have a live one, you can bet that couple would make bank on it for sure…not that it’s about the money or anything, I just can’t really think of any other advantages a blood-sucking varmin could offer….lol!

Check him out and see what you think! Mythical El Chupacabra finally captured?


Update:  Turns out this little guy just doesn’t cut it as a the elusive El Chupacabra, his mouth is not formed in a way that could be a blood-sucker so there ya have it!  Some postulate that this is some type of a raccoon based on it’s general features, but again nothing conclusive.


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