Papouli’s Greek Grill – Great Burgers!

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My husband and I got to go to Papouli’s last night in San Antonio in the Oympia Forum Pkwy. I say we “got to go” what I mean is Scott (my husband) wanted to go and I grudgingly didn’t really care.

I am not a fan of Greek food in general.  There are a few things that I do like – the flaming cheese bit, hmm…that is about all, but I pride myself on being able to find something on everyone’s menu that I can enjoy whether my taste buds enjoy the genre or not.

So I defaulted to my cheeseburger order and Scott got a Papouli’s Feast (that is the name of the item, he didn’t really get a Feast per say). The restaurant is in an outlet type building and is pretty small. The seating is fairly limited, groups of four seemed to be the largest to easily accommodate. No big deal since I didn’t bring the whole clan but still the other Greek places I have been are usually set up to be able to handle big groups easily.

Anyhow, this is a place where you order like a fast food joint, you walk up to the counter, choose your seat and they yell your name when your food is up.  Serving times seemed pretty quick, we waited less than 20 minutes before our order was ready so no complaints there.

This was what I got : Cheeseburger

Yeah, yeah, lame photo – I had hunger shakes! 🙂 I have never had a burger on a sourdough bun before and boy was I missing out! This bread was FANTASTIC.  The cheeseburger part was fairly generic, decent but not memorable but that bun….WOW.  The fries were kind of soggy, not sure if that is a Greek way to do it or not but not very delicious.

And this is what my husband got:

Greek Feast


His looked way more appealing than mine did, but alas although Scott let me sample, my taste buds just cannot approve.  On his judgment, however, the food was great – although it tasted abundantly of lemon.

I would definitely recommend giving this place a try if you enjoy Greek food and don’t have a lot of time to wait for a sit-down restaurant type place.  But as for me, I think I have had enough Greek food for this year, hopefully next week I will get to pick the date meal!

Here is a link to their website, feel free to check it out!

Papouli’s Greek Grill


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