20 Years for Breastfeeding Morphine

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In Spartanburg, South Carolina a judge sentenced Stephanie Greene to 20 years in prison for overdosing her infant with morphine through breastfeeding.  There seems to be a lot of speculation about this scenario since there really isn’t substantial evidence to show that a child could ingest a lethal dose of morphine that has been watered down through the milk ducts but this just decided that she knew what she was doing and didn’t hesitate to feed the baby that way anyhow.

I don’t know what Stephanie Greene was thinking, I don’t know if she intentionally killed her child but I do know that if I was in a debilitating amount of pain everyday from a car accident – her argument- that I wouldn’t breastfeed my child at all.  I was one of those horrible parents that put her kids on formula anyhow – they got their lactose-intolerance from me, so I had them on soy to prevent the non-stop projectile puke-fests.

But even during my pregnancies I was NEVER willing to take anything that would be of any danger to the child inside of me. If there was even a chance that the medications would have an adverse effect, I toughed out the pain.  I know that my pain is nowhere near the levels that this woman probably suffers from, hence her morphine necessity, but in her situation I would have not taken the chance and put baby on formula.

There is not a justification for this kind of thing happening.  If you don’t want to give your kids everything that you are ingesting, DON’T BREASTFEED.  It is NOT the best option if what you put into your body is crap. So now Stephanie Greene is stuck spending at least 16 years in prison along with dealing with the agony of losing her precious child.  What a terrible situation.


Referenced article – Breastfeeding death sends woman to prison for 20 years

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