Poteet Strawberry Festival Time!!

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Yesterday kicked off the start of the Annual Poteet Strawberry Festival that will run through April 6th (this Sunday) so for those of you in Texas, definitely think about taking some time out to stop by as this festival is a great start to Spring with fun and food!

The featured bands scheduled to play today include los Musicales, Granger Smith, Pat Green, Into Cable, Jason Boland and the Stragglers.  Bands for tomorrow include The Afters,  Randy Rogers Band, and Grupo Massore.

They will be having a Rodeo twice today and once tomorrow so make sure to check out the website for ticket prices to that.

Did you know that the Taste of Texas Food Show began as a way to give scholarships to local students? It has grown to over 100 entries and raises over $30,000 annually thanks to all of the businesses and individuals that support the cause.

Poteet Strawberry Festival

And what festival is complete without a food auction? The auction for this year’s festival is tomorrow at 1:00 pm.

If you go after 6pm tonight there is no charge for admission and onsite parking is free as well so I would recommend taking advantage of that! Regular admission is $12.50 a person both days.


The official website for the festival is – Poteet Strawberry Festival where you can purchase tickets online and head out!


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