Overcoming the Bully

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Proverbs 12:18

Reckless words pierce like a sword, but the tongue of the wise brings healing.


We all have been the victim of someone saying just the wrong thing to us at the wrong time and despite people’s quick leap to pass off the words in order to not show how much they hurt, it does hurt.  It hurts very badly.  If you get cut with a sharpened knife, you don’t feel it go in deep like words do, it goes smooth and fast – the pain comes after.  But the lasting effect of hurtful, thoughtless words last a lifetime.

I am sure you can all remember one of the first times you got bullied, where that mean kid pointed out the one thing that you feel insecure and awkward.  For me it was James Broxy.  I don’t know if I spelled his name right, we were in elementary school and I haven’t seen the kid since 5th grade but all throughout elementary school – starting about 3rd grade actually, he was very mean to me.  He would call me names like piggy, and knock me over – at one point he tripped me and I scraped both my knees and I distinctly remember calling him a giraffe – I added that to my list of worst comebacks ever.

While it has been many years since I was in school, his words still make me upset.  At no point in my childhood did I ever act or look piggyish, but it still makes me feel bad! And that was only one.  Over a lifetime there are a limitless amounts of opportunities to be victimized by harsh words and we all just bundle them up and carry them with us.

Can you imagine how wonderful we would feel about ourselves if we did the same thing with the compliments we are given by the wise?  My parents did a great job of making me feel better after mean kids said those kinds of things to me. They re-affirmed my confidence all the time, but their loving words – although never short in number – are hard for me to remember.  I am positive though, that without their kindness to balance out the mean things I wouldn’t be the same today.  And it makes me wish that everyone would have someone wise around who is willing to say the right things to the people around them, to build us up and let us see how great we really are.


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