A Good Name

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One of the things we recently talked about in my Sunday group was the power of our names.  It got me thinking about my name and the names that I chose for my children as well and it is really interesting to see what lies in the being of what we are called.

Proverbs 22:1

A good name is more desirable than great riches;
    to be esteemed is better than silver or gold.


So my name is Aimee, the french version with the accent on the first e, but when I was school age I got mocked often for that part so I always leave it off now. But the meaning is the same either way – dearly loved or beloved. It came from the Latin amatus meaning loved.  Yeah this is where I nod, smile and brush that dirt off my shoulder because I have one of the best first names EVER.  Who wouldn’t want a name meaning loved? That makes it abundantly clear to me that my Mom and Dad loved me – at least at birth…lol!

Anyhow if I stop and think about how my name is supposed to encompass me as a being, I am not really sure how fitting it really is.  I mean most families give unconditional love to their children and family members but have I done anything in life that would make me prominently beloved? I don’t think so.  So now I wonder what things I SHOULD be doing to generate the true meaning of my name in my life.

And this proverb is not one that I thought about when naming my children so of course, NOW I am wondering how their name is going to reflect their being since our name is more important than anything else monetarily. My first daughter Elizabeth – I named first because I love 3-syllable names, and second because I really thought she was a message in my life from God – and her name means “Oath of my God”. She was taken from me when I was 34 weeks along with her but I have always thought that her name held personal meaning.

My second daughter I named as a mash-up (I had to pass down my double e of course!) and I had to have 3-syllables – it just fit perfectly. The closest meaning that I could find on her name is as an extension of the name Emily – which means hardworking.  Now that is a name that will be difficult to live up to, but for a 5 year old she sure does her fair share of work!  She is always willing to help me out when cleaning, cooking and yard work, I love that about her. I think that long term there is little that would make me prouder than Emileen putting forth hard work for Christ, that would wonderful.

And last but not least, my wonderful son.  I named him Nicolas (yep I stuck with the 3 syllables!) – after the New Testament Nicolas who was a convert to Christianity – and his name means victorious; conqueror of the people. Of all the names given I think his is by far the hardest to sync with his personality.  I don’t really think that most people would imagine their 3 year old’s as conquerors though so maybe in time he will take over the world, muwahahhaha. He does make a pretty good Batman…..


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