Lowes – Surprisingly My Favorite Hardware Store

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Lowe’s has officially become my favorite hardware store as of this week!  Many of you may not know this about me but I am NOT good at manual crafting, such as building decks, gardening, anything really related to stuff sold at a hardware store, so I don’t usually mention service I receive at those kinds of stores or spend a lot of time shopping at them.

Last year when we moved into our new home, we got a new mower (from Lowe’s of course) that worked spectacularly until winter time was over.  Now as we have spent the last month trying to get it to work…when I say trying I mean, staring at it….yelling at it to go already…pulling harder on the starter pull string thing….checking fuel and oil (only two things I know to look at)…my husband even cough, cough, did something with the spark plug (whatever that is).

So this weekend Scott finally caved and TAA DAAA called Lowe’s for help! I know, crazy right?! Anyhow after a fun and friendly conversation with a Lowe’s lawnmower specialist (if that isn’t their title it should be….) he went to the store and bought more random lawnmower fluid stuff and went to fixing.  And it failed, completely.  That was another $20 out the window (waving as the imaginary monopoly money in my head floats on outside….)

So of course, I went right back to my other go to method and did some more yelling at it….yanking futilely on that pull cord (I kind of co-relate that cord to the button they give you at the hospital for morphine that doesn’t actually do anything)…still the only thing that stinkin’ mower would do was cough at me.

Final straw, Scott had been told by the friendly Lowe’s representative that should his de-winterizing ideas fail we could always run the mower up to Lowe’s customer service and they would send it in to get it fixed for us (our mower was under a 2 year warranty).  So we all hop in the car with the stinky mower and drive on over.  Scott takes the mower in – and comes out with a full refund.

A REFUND?!?! I spent the last month trying to get this silly mower fixed and I could have just gone into Lowe’s and replaced it?!!?!? I was so completely IRRITATED for five seconds…and then I got over it.  Just like that.  I am of course 100,000% happy that Lowe’s refunded me, and now I have no excuse for why my yard looks like a jungle…..hope the HOA doesn’t bill me….


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