Mass Stabbing in Pennyslvania

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On Wednesday afternoon a student, 16-year-old Alex Hribal, went to school with two large kitchen knives and stabbed 21 students and a security guard.  This was a week from the day that the psycho shot up Fort Hood.  I sometimes see things escalating until it is all out of control. Every time I turn on my local news I wonder what horrible tragedy is going on now.  

In this situation no one has died though so at least there is  a positive twist, and the kid will be getting tried as an adult although at this point everyone seems to be sympathetic to him, acting like he may not have known what he was doing. I don’t share that feeling.  I tend lack any type of empathy towards people who commit crimes. I am probably not someone you would want on your jury if you were convicted because I have a hard time looking at things from more than one perspective.

I have always seen MOST situations as black and white – wrong and right.  It is wrong to stab people to death.  I would say that is a bit more than a cry for help.  Clearly whatever cries this kid had made up to that moment were ignored, they won’t ignore him now.  That does not make what he did OK. As far as cries for help go, picking up a phone and just telling the police that you feel like stabbing a bunch of people may get the ball rolling.

I had a pretty rotten high school experience myself, older kids bullied me etc and there were times when I thought beating up some kids would be a good idea.  I never acted on it.  Because it is WRONG.  And if the world is leading children today to see murder as a grey area, we have a big problem.

I feel bad for whatever hardships may have led Alex Hribal to feel the only response available was to stab his peers, there is no reason kids today should feel that they have no way out but I definitely think that he should be tried as an adult and be held accountable for the pain that he has caused. I also hope that he finally gets the help that he does clearly need – but I don’t feel bad that he is in jail.  Not a bit.


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