Hillary Clinton Takes a Shoe Throwing

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Yesterday Hillary Clinton was in Las Vegas, Nevada preparing to give a keynote speech before the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries and as she went up on stage to start, a woman in the audience threw a shoe at her.  Yes, Hillary ducked and was not hit but still, a shoe?!

I do my best not to promote any side on political matters because I personally find our government to be money grubbers and whoever has the most gets the seat – and there is no way in a million years I would ever be able to handle any type of government position because I don’t like making decisions for others….yeah that makes parenting a LITTLE tricky…:)

And given the biblical side of it, anyone in leadership should be respected – we vote ’em in we deal with it so I just do what I can to avoid political jibber jabber (unless I am around my Dad because I love to get him started, lol!)

So Hillary Clinton has been going around doing her thing, I am guessing she is going to go for the Democratic bid so she is making a lot of public speeches which is whatever, but this random lady (no name on her yet) decides to throw a shoe at her.  I don’t get it – was there nothing else available to throw?

And recently here in Texas, Ana Trujillo is on trial for murdering her man with a stiletto so technically could this random lady be charged with assault with a deadly weapon? That might teach her a thing or two about disrespecting people.

I will give Hillary props though, she took the situation and made a joke, really handled it well.  I just feel bad because there are very few people that I would say deserve a shoe being tossed at them when on stage – and Hillary Clinton for sure does not make that list.


2 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton Takes a Shoe Throwing

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