It’s Fiesta Time in San Antonio

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In San Antonio once a year we get to celebrate Fiesta.  Fiesta here is a bigger celebration than Christmas, which is a hard one for me to wrap my head around because it seems to me that the birth of a Savior should be a much bigger deal than a Battle of Flowers (that was how Fiesta was started).

Here is a little Fiesta History for you all!

Because San Antonio, Texas had become a large trading center (population over 38,000) by 1891, a group of city folk decided to celebrate the heroes of the Alamo and Battle of San Jacinto with a Battle of Flowers. The very first parade that was thrown had horse-drawn carriages, bicycles decorated with beautiful, fresh flowers and floats carrying children that were dressed-up as flowers.

The Belknap Rifles were there to represent the military.  All of the people who participated in the event pelted each other with blossoms.

Cool fact: The Battle of Flowers Parade is the only one in the entire country that was planned and directed completely by women. Today it’s the largest parade in Fiesta. It’s second in size only to the Tournament of Roses Parade in the U.S.

Because the Battle of Flowers was so successful within a few short years more events were added to the parade, creating a carnival type festival that embraced a “royalty” type of theme. Each year Fiesta is celebrated around April 21 and lasts for at least a week.  This years Fiesta events started April 10th and will go through the 27th.

So here is a list of Fiesta events that you can check out if you happen to live around San Antonio – if you don’t live around here, this is a great time of year to come out and see what this city has to offer.



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