Be What You Want Others to Be

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I was informed yesterday that the number one export of the United States is culture.  We sell our way of life more than anything else that this country has to offer. That is an incredible thing to me, I am major fan of all culture – there is so much that every person has to offer that I just can’t get enough, so I am not really surprised but it is kind of disappointing because the way Americans act today isn’t really something that I would want to sell.

After watching the video that I posted yesterday I really took some time to think about ways that I could be the change that I want to see in the world, and though my resources are limited and my access to people I know is small,  I can at least effect two little people in my life that may someday pass on a positive impact to others.

It is so hard to act the way that I want my kids to behave though.

I am quick to anger- when they are doing things they shouldn’t I really jump on them and that really isn’t what they need to be learning.

I am judgmental – when people are driving like maniacs, I complain and I don’t want my kids to grow up with anger towards people who don’t drive nicely.

I complain in general – there are so many things that I find annoying and the filter from my brain to my mouth is pretty slow so I find myself being as whiny as the kids are sometimes.

I am sure that the list of my own faults is limitless but I am going to do what I can to stop my bad behaviors from filtering down to my little sponges because one day they are going to be the representatives of my parenting. They mimic everything that I do, so the very best way to get them to reach their potential for goodness is for me to do what I say just like I want my kids to – that way they can see they way they should be instead of just hearing it.

Much easier to type than to do though……


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