83 Year Old – Died Due to Dog Attack

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Petra Aguirre, 83, died at University Hospital this past week after being attacked by her neighbor’s dog.  This is the second death of an elderly woman in the San Antonio area this year and it is heartbreaking.  The dog was a pit, and had a previous history – he had attacked someone last year. Because of the dire nature of the situation the dog was euthanized this past Saturday.

This is a perfect example of behavior that could have been handled.  If you are going to have a dog, there is no reason why you shouldn’t take every measure available to prevent them from leaving your property. And for those not familiar with Texas 99% of homes here are built completely fenced in, so it isn’t like it is that expensive to contain your animals.  It is absolutely ridiculous to pin the blame on the animal in these scenarios, it is just as much the owner’s fault – if your dog has aggressive tendencies and you can’t handle them you should give them to someone who can.

The story said nothing about whether the pet’s owners were being held responsible for the behavior of the dog, but with as many people out there that say “My dog is my baby” the rule should roll over – we are responsible for our babies for 18 years, so by that logic we should also be responsible for our pets.

My heart goes out to Petre Aguirre’s family, it is sad enough losing a family member, but to such a violent act, I don’t have the words to express my sympathy.



Referenced article –
Woman, 83, mauled to death by neighbor’s dog


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