Benton Community Bomb Threat

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Well, my old high school has hit the news radar with a note left on a bathroom wall warning everyone that whomever wrote it is going to blow up the school after shooting as many as possible and killing themselves.

I graduated from a very small high school in Van Horne, Iowa – Benton Community. It was a quiet town, a quiet school and despite the usual rounds of bullying and whatnot I managed to get a pretty decent education there. In fact, while I attended, a fellow student in my own class called in a bomb threat back – before the Oklahoma City devastation so he was expelled but other than a couple hours on the bleachers so they could sweep the area nothing else happened.

It is really too bad that an anonymous note requires so much coverage but these days every single thing said has to be taken as if they are serious because there is no way to tell a joke from a potential crime. The school is on high alert through the 17th since that was the proposed date of the foreshadowed event so keep the students and staff at Benton Community in your thoughts/prayers this week as they deal with the panic that always follows a threat like this.

A 17 year old boy has been taken into custody for making the threats but his identity is not open to the public at this time.

Referenced article – Benton Community on High Alert After Threat


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