Pitbull Survives Throat Slashing

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San Antonio has a local pit bull group called Heaven Sent Pit Bull Rescue that saves sweet dogs from bad situations and their latest addition has been Brutus who was a victim of animal cruelty.

On the northeast side of San Antonio an unidentified sicko, slashed Brutus’ throat almost hitting his artery which would most definitely ended in his demise had Heaven Sent Pit Bull Rescue not stepped in and saved this little guy.

Because no one has been identified in relation to the incident, HSPBR is not going to report it to Animal Control since it wouldn’t do any good anyhow.  But because of the extreme cost involved in fixing Brutus’ they are trying to raise $1800 to cover the costs.

It really touches my heart when I see rescue stories like this because it reaffirms my hope in humanity and our love for all of God’s little creatures!


Referenced article –
Veterinarian: Rescued pit bull recovering after having throat slashed with knife


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