Threat on San Antonio Schools

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Several school districts in San Antonio have received threatening emails alluding to potential mass violence at some point on April 24th so for those of you who work in the schools, or have children attending the schools please be alert and take every precaution you can as no one knows who sent the emails and there is no clue as to which school is being targeted.

Apparently the Bexar County Sheriff’s office has been alerted and has heightened security in the seriousness of the threat. Students are supposed to going home with letters and information to put on facebook to spread the word.

William McManus said that investigators had some idea who might have sent it based on previous threats, declined to elaborate except to say that this case was different because of its specific target on schools. Even if no shooting is planned, the email’s author could be charged with making terroristic threats.

Don’t take any chances. If you feel like this is something to be taken seriously, it can’t hurt to keep your kids home for one day.  It would be nice if they catch the perpetrator asap so everyone can rest easy.

After returning from dinner with my mom who works as a sub – here is a copy of the letter she received at Serna today –

Below is the full text of the letter sent home to parents:

“Within the past few days, area agencies became aware of a threat being made toward a San Antonio-area school. The threat was not specific to any particular school, but did allude to mass violence being committed on or around the 24th of April. This morning, law enforcement executives from the area met at San Antonio Police Headquarters to discuss a collaborative and coordinated approach. At this point, San Antonio’s Regional Intelligence Center (SARIC) and the FBI are in the process of evaluating the validity of the threat and tracing the source of it. In the interim, security is being heightened by all area agencies. At the meeting, San Antonio Police, the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office, and the FBI shared their own approaches which were already in process prior to the meeting, and will continue. At the close of the meeting, everyone was in agreement that everything is being done to safeguard our schools, students, and faculty members. This collective response will continue and all information will be shared with all stakeholders. We ask that anyone with tips or information which may help authorities with this situation be directed to 210-225-TIPS (8477).”

As a quick update I just saw on KSAT news, – television – that

The NEISD has announced it is making all of the district’s schools “closed campuses” on Thursday. This means schools will be open on Thursday, but all events at the elementary schools will be canceled or postponed and the number of visitors to all NEISD campuses will be very limited. In addition, there will also be police presence on every campus.

Read More at:

Referenced article – San Antonio school districts make plan after threatening emails


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