When Your Little Girl Isn’t Girlie Enough

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So here is a fantastic example of a school that is so far caught in the past that they are willing to look like complete idiots to make their point.

A little girl, Sunnie Kahle (8 years old) came home from Timberlake Christian School the other day with a letter informing her grandmother-legal guardian- that their school policy requires little girls to only do little girl things. So this child is being told that baseball and hunting knives are for boys only.

I don’t know what Bible these people are teaching from but in my Bible it does not say that women can’t like hunting and sports.  No where. It also doesn’t say a word about how we as women should be dressing in 2014.  So who is this school to say what is appropriate or inappropriate for a girl who shows a variety of interests?

This is an example of a school that makes other people NOT want to give Christianity a chance.  Shouldn’t  a Christian schools priority be, I don’t know,  showing the life of Christ? Encouraging all children to be like Jesus? So how is it that this little girl gets to pay the price for a school’s WRONG presumption of what a little girl should be?  Smh.


Referenced article – School says 8-year-old student not feminine enough


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