In a World of Agony

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So I have had the pleasure of experiencing a four day migraine that, to put it mildly, makes me feel as though someone is taking a hand drill to my brain and turning it on randomly just to kill me more slowly and painfully.  So because I am suffering, guess who else gets to suffer with me? EVERYONE.

I have no idea how super-moms/dads around the world manage a sick day, but to be very honest – in the past six years I have gotten ONE sick day, when I got the flu this last year – and by sick day I mean,  my sweet and considerate husband allowed me to lay down for a few hours, until he couldn’t handle the kids anymore….

So having zero options but to truck through the pain, barely being able to sit up and keep my eyes open from the glaring light around, kids running around and embracing this new anarchy,  I just have no idea how parents do this all the time.

I always had this glorified notion that if I ever did get sick, my kids would just know and their compassion would shine through and their behavior would be courteous and helpful.  Which on days that I feel fine, is usually the case – that’s right I am one of those lucky parents with fantastic children :).  Except for the last four days while death has been knocking repeatedly on my head like the beating of a drum that is causing my brain to implode.  In case you haven’t been paying attention, I am not feeling the greatest….

SO I am guessing thanks to the after effects of the Easter sugar rush, my kids have apparently been overwhelmed with a need to do everything they can to make me even more miserable.  We have had screaming throw-down tantrums (and that screaming is STILL reverberating through my skull now), whining, crying, yelling, stomping, door-slamming, kicking, laughing, (yes even laughing hurts my head…), passionate rage that causes actual stripping of clothing, threats (Never gonna eat again!), bossiness (my oldest knows that if the alpha is down she HAS to take charge, lol), wrestling- the serious kind, not play, teasing of pets – this incites my dog Thor to nip which ends in the crying, and all kinds of other nonsense and shenanigans that I can’t recall because between the brain-throb and other craziness I think I am actually experiencing blackouts….(that part is a joke, just to emphasize how awful I am feeling).

So in summary, all of this agony has really brought me around to want to show how in awe I am of the parents who glide through sickness like it is nothing.  I applaud moms and dads everywhere who can handle the whole deal without help-0.

3with ease, I bow to your awesomeness and want you all to know just how fantastic you really are.  You guys deserve an award for your ability to stay cool while fighting off death!  And now I am going to sneak off to the bathroom to curl in a ball for awhile and hope this migraine medicine finally starts to do something! (Dad is home today so he can deal with the minions for awhile, hahah.)


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