Man Falls 18 Stories and Dies in San Antonio

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My husband and I have had the opportunity to stay at hotels downtown by the River Walk in San Antonio on several occasions and have actually joked about what it would be like to leap off the balconies into the water.  So after seeing this article, I know what happens when you jump off hotel balconies.  Death. So, no more jokes on that one for me.

A man and his wife were staying at the Hilton and got into a physical argument that led to the husband stomping out onto the balcony and jumping.  The wife went to check on him later – her story- and noticed he had leapt to his death. So this is one of those stories that could be a heartbreaking suicide, or an episode of Snapped.

I doubt that there would be enough real evidence to put the crime on the wife, unless there happened to be a witness, but it is definitely a shady enough situation to make someone wonder.  And in the event that she is being honest and her husband jumped of his own volition, that is really a terrible way to end an argument.  The worst.

Referenced article – SAPD: Man plunges to his death after falling 18 stories into S.A. river If you find that you and your spouse spend a lot of time arguing I encourage you to either get help through an unbiased third party or at least read a book that may offer help like this one –
How To Stop Fighting: Ways To Resolve Conflict When Dealing With Angry, Difficult People Who Won’t Quit Arguing (Conflict Resolution, Resolving Conflicts)

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