Boxing, No Really!

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My husband Scott has been watching boxing at night as we go to sleep, I can’t really complain because at least I am not dreaming about the usual horror movie stuff he enjoys falling asleep to. But boxing really makes no sense to me.

I do enjoy a good UFC (mixed martial arts) fight, they get to do a lot of different fighting moves but with boxing all I am seeing is some guy get hugged and pummeled in the head until he is knocked out. The only skill I am picking up on is whoever swings the hardest and fastest wins the game.

So I have taken this information in, and decided to become the WII boxing champion in our house, because as we ALL know, video games are JUST LIKE REAL LIFE! 🙂 Last night we did a little boxing tournament that I SQUASHED everyone, including my husband who likes to brag that he was an amateur boxer back in the day. My strategy? Close my eyes and punch straight in front of me at hyper-speed until the other player (husband and children, that’s right, NO MERCY!) are knocked-out!

After beating him consecutively, four or five times, Scott quit. Yep, because he is a quitter! Apparently I take the fun out of the fight since all I do is go in and fight…lol!

So all in all, I have learned absolutely nothing about the entertained value of boxing aside from the WII fun of slaughtering all in my range. But I did feel really bad for two of the boxers I saw last night who both shared my strategy (go in hitting hard and fast – 0 defense) and it was a blood bath. Which is why I would never REALLY box. I am not interested in bleeding for sport. Or at all really.


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