Month: May 2014

Episcopic Illumination

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Feast your eyes down,
These erratic curves.
My eclectic nature.
Watch me traverse like a fawn.
Stumbling through life,
Bringing natural appeal.
To my irregular jaunt,
A composite of incredible,
Let me mesmerize you,
With my broken movements,
Of swift juncture.
And I will not fail,
To leave an imprint,
In your brain,
That will forever,
Change you.
Change your perspective,
On the true absolutes of,



Jenga Playing Cat

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Here is my video for today – how adorable is a cat that can play Jenga?! I find it completely wonderful! Love, love, love!

A Final Summer Coming Up

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So this is my daughter – my only living daughter, and she has, does, and will continue to fill my life with light and wonder for as long as God allows but I have to say something awful is coming up very soon and I think I may just have a MELTDOWN when it happens. 


You see, this past November, Emileen turned 5.  Most of you parents of older children are having the ah-ha moment now. This summer is officially my last one of have two, toddlers. Coming up this August she will join the world in – I don’t even want to type it – K I N D E R G A R T E N. To say that I am not prepared for this transition is putting it mildly.  Like calling an earthquake a splinter. I just don’t really know what I am going to do! 

Now, many of you have experience in this area, and can sympathize with my plight and I appreciate that there is wisdom out there from you wonderful mothers who have been as miserable as I am at this moment.  I don’t really find myself to be an extremely sentimental person, but this is one stage that I am just completely unprepared for. 

My sole experience with children is with toddlers.  My entire life I have babysat toddlers, over 20 years of experience.  I don’t know the first thing about taking care of anyone over age five though. So not only am I about to say goodbye to my sweet babies infant days, I am embarking on a new adventure completely. 

So, if there has ever been a moment in my life that I wanted to stop the clock – it is now.  I am terrified of this change and even though I know that the next step in our family journey is sure to be a blast, living with someone as epic as I am that goes without saying, but I am just not ready to let go of this stage yet. This child I see holding her new love is my 4 pound little bundle.  She needed me for EVERYTHING.  I have invested 24/7 in her for the past five years and I am scared to let someone else take that from me. Of what impact society is going to have on her.  

So my next few months is going to be spent one day at a time, really investing these last moments as I have them so I can truly remember this precious child’s final toddler days.  I know now why I was blessed with two living children though, having Nicolas here when Em goes to her first day will really take the edge off of this experience. I am such a lucky mom!

What Can Unite Furry Friends?

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So my daughter has been asking for something for a long time now and she is such a great kid that I just had to comply. So this weekend we went out and about and found a way to unite our cat and dogs in a bond that will last….well for the moment….lol


Now I am sure you are wondering, what would make my animals stand still so nicely – together- long enough to get a photo, hahahhahahah!

Let me introduce you to the cause – Fluffy and Fuzzy


Our two newly acquired bunny rabbits! Fluffy is the black and white lil guy – we got him from a pet shop (Pet Supplies Plus) and he is just a few months old.  And since he was the last one there and Nicolas was determined to NOT be left out of the bunny fun, Scott went to Polly’s Pet Shop for Fuzzy the brown one.  Fuzzy is actually a rescue from the ACS, they work with Polly’s to save animals rather than purchasing from a breeder so we don’t know how old she is but she is spayed so don’t go looking for baby bunny photos anytime soon! 🙂 

And for those of you who are concerned about the safety of these bunnies, it is all good. As a pet owner I am aware that bunnies can die of a heart attack just from seeing a dog – hence the purchasing from pet shops.  In a pet shop the rabbits are exposed to a very animated environment, making them a bit more likely to tough out the predatory situations. These bunnies are not only cool with the cat and dogs, but they have already been giving bunny kisses to the kitty through the cage – (Vail has no claws) and there has been no aggression from any of my beasts – they are more curious than anything. 

Now, these bunnies won’t have the advantage of free roaming the house, so no electrical deaths for them – shucks – but I do have a bunny run cage so they get enough freedom for a good ‘ole hippity hop.  They have acclimated pretty well and are very friendly and handlable so I am calling it a win.  Besides, if Emileen is going to grow up to be a vet, she needs to have exposure to all kinds of different animals…..(any excuse for me to add to my zoo :)). 

Cat Taking the Dog for a Walk

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Nothing quite like watching a cat be a BOSS. LOL!

Driving Intoxicated With an Infant

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30-year-old Latonya Kirven was arrested Tuesday in Galveston, Texas  for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and driving while intoxicated with a child in her vehicle. This woman apparently got wasted, got behind the wheel and decided it was a good idea to run over a 75-year old man, followed by driving her car into a bayou.

Witnesses said that they saw her arguing with the man before running him over, so clearly she was in a rage when she did it. I don’t think I will ever understand how it is that someone can take an infant and put them in a car after they have been drinking. At all.  Even after a single beer I won’t drive period.  I am aware that it is a little overkill but I am just terrified that that would be the one time I did something irresponsible and then I would have to live with that guilt for the rest of my life.

Fortunately there were people there who were willing to run in to save the baby. This would definitely fall under one of the worst hangovers to wake-up with…..


Referenced article – Woman who drove car into water faces charges

Why Did You Get Married?

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So the last couple Sundays we have been talking about the Song of Solomon in the Bible and it has been entertaining and interesting to hear the perspectives from our study group. It cracks me up a little how difficult it is for guys to express their feelings about their significant others in a room full of people.

I, myself, have no issues sharing pretty much anything to anyone, I don’t have any discomfort because I don’t really feel that there is anything to be embarrassed about. I love love! The question posed to us this week though, Why did you get married?

For me it was simple, from the moment I saw my now husband I knew we were going to be together. But my moral code – thank you Mom and Dad- enforced the belief that until I was married there should be no hanky panky. And let’s face it, that is one of the very BEST things about marriage! I also remember in the New Testament how Paul said not to get married at all if you could help it since it can detract from your relationship to God but if you lust then you absolutely need to get hitched.

So I got married to be able to do the deed.  Now, hindsight being 20/20, I would absolutely do it for that reason again. Because what I got out of it has been just phenomenal (not just the sex of course lol) Every aspect of my marriage, from the moment we signed the license to me sitting here and writing this has been one wonderful and crazy experience after another.

I got married for sex. God allowed me to marry Scott for MUCH more. He is a soul mate, he is a friend, he is a fantastic father, he is my teammate and my world. Because of my relationship to him, I am closer to God.  We make an interesting couple – we are both utterly snarky and sarcastic (which by default makes my children the same way) so our house is ALWAYS full of humor.   I like to think that in God’s ultimate plan for my life that Scott was a puzzle piece that helped finish this landscape because he really does complete me. Without a partner, without my Specific partner, I wouldn’t have my two wonderful, crazy children to walk down this path with.

So even though I got married for one wonderful reason, there are really a million reasons that I got married, I just didn’t know it at the time.  Being married is a blast (even in the rough spots)- I highly recommend it to everyone. 🙂