Michelle Obama – San Antonio Visit to Promote Higher Education

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So my mom has been trying to get a time locked down to take my brothers photos at UTSA before he graduates this week and just found out yesterday that First Lady Michelle Obama is going to be visiting the school so she wasn’t able to do them yesterday.  After seeing her post about this inconvenience to her universe, lol, I wanted to check out what was so exciting as to draw in that kind of publicity at the school so I turned on my favorite KSAT5 news!

There is apparently a new initiative going on to help push kids into getting a higher education and one of the ways that Mayor Julian Castro is promoting it is to have a pep-rally type of event that focuses on education. This is being showcased under a longer program – SA2020 (a non profit organization who’s primary goal is to improve San Antonio’s education, environment, art/culture, transportation and family) that has been going for about a decade now.

I don’t know if Castro intends to make a play for the big league but if he is, education reform is certainly a platform to take and participating in such low-cost, yet effective events is definitely commendable. I don’t really have a lot to say on government but if watching House of Cards has taught me anything it’s that politicians are not being chosen for smarts – but for $$$. That’s right, and T.V. never lies! :0

Anyhow, I think that this event is a great cause and I am glad that the First Lady decided to come and promote it as well.


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