San Diego Park Had Razor Blades “Planted” in Grass

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I just read an article that talked about how in San Diego at Bonita Cove Park, close to twenty razor blades were found in the grass. Apparently this had happened several times already, and yet in this case there were still children playing BAREFOOT in the park and got cut.

At what point is it time to find funding to install security equipment, or just shut the park down? I cannot believe that nothing has been done to prevent sickos from repeatedly performing the same act over and over again.

And this may just be a Texas thing, but I don’t let my kids run around ANYWHERE outside barefoot.  There are so many horrible things they can step on, there is a reason why we have shoes! Scorpions, snakes, wasp nests, fire ant hills – the list just goes on and on, apparently razor blades should be somewhere on it – even bare concrete is unadvised because it get so hot you can boil your feet!

How bored and crazy must someone be to take the time to place multiple blades out in a grassy area anyhow? Clearly someone has too much time on their hands.  And now that I am thinking about it, there was a park in Cedar Rapids, Iowa – my hometown – that was in the news recently with a similar event- blades taped onto the kids equipment I think.

Referenced article – Razor Blades “Planted” in Bonita Cove Park: SDPD


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