Husband Left Decomposing in Houston for 7 Days

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So here is a wicked and strange story that I ran across today. In Houston Dora Roman recently lost her husband of 40 years, Ernest Roman, to cancer which difficult to do.  But after he passed away his body was taken to Santana Funeral Directors to be prepared for a viewing, followed by the funeral of course.

Apparently Dora made a mistake in showing up early to the funeral home because she found that they had not placed his body in a fridge, or even started embalming him over a week after he had passed away even though they were supposed to be preparing him for a viewing! So now she has the added trauma of pure neglect when it comes to one of the hardest parts of our human existence, death.

I know that when it comes to people passing away the circumstances vary in preparing them for burial but it has always been the standard in my experience that bodies are prepared and buried within 5 days or so of them dying. So to even have waited a week to bury him seems to be unusual in my opinion.

But to come across a situation that no one had even bothered to take the necessary steps to preserve him for viewing is ridiculous. This funeral home has been cited 9 times since 2001 for licensing and records violations.

This article for me is a reminder that even if we don’t want to have to think about the end coming, researching where you are going to be buried could really be beneficial to your family that is left behind. There is no reason why anyone should have to worry about the trauma that Dora will now have to deal with for the rest of her life.

Referenced article – Widow says Texas funeral home left husband’s body in building to decompose for 7 days


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