Porter, Texas Teacher Busted for Heroine

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So in Porter, Texas – Monica Quinetero was arrested for possession of heroine and weapons in her home.  Apparently the neighbors called the cops on her because they smelled something “suspicious.”  Monica is/was a bilingual first grade teacher at Ridge Creek Elementary school.

The first response I have to this kind of thing happening was disgust.  My view on recreational drug use is pretty cut and dry – if the law says NO, I say no. So even possessing that nonsense is ridiculous.  I have family that has had issues with addiction to drugs like that (meth) and it is very sad to see the results of that kind of problem.

My second reaction was, shock. How can a first grade teacher afford HEROINE?!?!?! I don’t know a lot about drug prices but that seems a little out of a teacher’s pay grade unless they are living in a box.  Heroine is one of those drugs that you have to continuously have – it isn’t like pot where you can do without if necessary, not that I have personal experience with either one – just what education has presented to me.

Anyhow given how adorable this teacher looks I would be inclined to say the drugs weren’t hers, she is probably in a relationship with a user, or she is new to the drug and it hasn’t shown it’s physical results on her yet.  She was booked with three guys so I would say maybe it is time to find new friends…..


Referenced article – First grade teacher arrested in heroin bust


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