Immigrants Rescued in South Texas

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35 immigrants were found in a ‘stash’ house this week in McAllen, Texas.  They were being held hostage by three men who are now in federal custody for trying to extort money from the immigrants families. This group of people was beaten up and threatened that they would be killed should their families not send them money.

I know that this is  a common issue, especially near border areas but I am shocked that 35 people were being held, for some reason I always think the power in numbers would come into play in this kind of scenario. Maybe I have watched too many movies where one heroic man overcomes the bad guy and saves the hostages.

These are the kind of stories that makes me wish we could wiggle our nose and fix things for people. The whole immigration thing is a complete lose -lose situation.  The ropes to jump through to get here are ridiculous, and the alternative methods can lead to hostage situations.  It would be nice if there was a way to just fix the problems in the countries they are running from so they could stay and be happy without taking life-risks like that.

Referenced article – Immigrants rescued from South Texas stash house


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