Charles Barkley and San Antonio Women

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I think that I am a person who has a sense of humor – when you are ivory (seriously almost translucent…) like me and living in San Antonio with a beautifully tan population you certainly tend to accept a joke here and there but I kind of think that maybe Charles Barkley ought to rethink his jokes about women in this city.

He has created a lot of drama with his commentary on overweight women and it makes sense to me because weight is one of the MOST sensitive areas that women deal with.  And let me  just say at 5’6 – I clear the scale at a wobbly 115 pounds and am part of the Women of San Antonio – and if that is what Charles Barkley considers overweight then he needs his brain checked.

His jokes are NOT funny.  In my opinion he has his own weight issues to deal with so he probably shouldn’t be throwing stones from his glass house. If you want to be a comedian tell a knock knock joke. I don’t get why it is that jokes have to be offensive to be funny.

How about this one?  One cow says to another “Have you heard about that Mad Cow disease going around?” The other cow replies, “What do I care, I’m a pig!”  That is a funny joke, and I don’t think it was offensive at all!

Maybe I am just being overly sensitive…..but I don’t really think so….


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