Power Line Shocked a Little Boy in San Antonio

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On the southwest side of San Antonio a little boy got shocked by a power line this morning. We have had some wicked rain showers overnight which has created downed lines and branches.

This morning the 10-year old little boy was waiting for the school bus with a group of other children and the somehow came in contact with the line, it is unclear at this time whether he touched it or it touched him.  Either way, he was thrown pretty far, and his mother who the children ran to notify of the incident, started CPR. The boy did regain consciousness and has been transported to the University Hospital with burns on his shoulders, back and feet.

The importance of knowing CPR is very evident when something like this occurs. It might be a life saver. It is also a good idea to train your children on what to do if they run across downed lines or see someone who has come in contact with them. The kids in this incident were nothing short of heroic, running to his mother which was absolutely the right thing to do.

For a good source on how to successfully perform CPR I recommend this book – American Red Cross First Aid/CPR/AED Participant’s Manual


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