Woman Takes Punishing Two-Year-Old’s to New Level

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In Kirby, Texas  a woman named Gladis Abad has been arrested on suspicion of unlawful restraint of a two-year-old boy.  She was working at Nanny Nite Daycare back in February when the incident occurred and apparently the police have video footage of what happened.  The child was tied to a chair for 20 minutes, and was even re-tied when he got himself free at one point. I would say this counts as taking discipline too far, especially when you are not the child’s parent.

I am one of those mom’s who was NEVER going to discipline my child with spankings and whatnot before I became a mom.  After my kids hit that magical age (terrible two’s) I re-evaluated what was and was not working in the discipline area and let’s just say it is not uncommon for my kids to get a not-too-friendly swat on the booty here and there from me.  It works.  In my case it is more of a fear tactic than anything and I make sure to offer every positive reinforcement option before resorting to timeout, then dun dun dunnnn spanking!

It really wasn’t all that necessary with my daughter who feel’s punished enough with timeouts, but my son- well, he has no problem shooting down treats if he doesn’t want to do something and he finds timeouts to be a joke, a hysterical one – defeating the entire purpose of the punishment!

You are welcome to judge me all you want, but let me just make one thing very clear – I would NEVER tie my children to a chair. Ever. Which means that I feel that this woman, tying a child who isn’t even her own to a chair is completely out of line.  She ought to be ashamed that she can’t even handle a two-year-old child. Tsk Tsk.


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