Teen Looking at 99 Years for Pot Brownies

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19-year old Jacob Lavoro is facing anywhere from five to ninety-nine years in prison for his pot brownie baking adventures.  From Round Rock, Texas, this teen seems to think that he is being over-charged for his not so terrible criminal activity.

Mid-April a neighbor called the police on him when she could smell the pot and according to the police Lavoro let them onto his property with no question at which point they seized already made, and packaged brownies, and leftover hash.  After weighing the product he had enough to get him up to 99 years of jail time.

There is some dispute that since they weighed the whole brownies instead of just the pot that he is being overcharged but the way I look at it, WHO CARES?!? He was still breaking the LAW. I find it very hard to be sympathetic to those who blatantly disregard the rules that have been set up in this state, and country.  No matter what state you live in pot is a Federal Offense. Even if the state says go for it, it is STILL breaking the law.  I am not interested in the “Positive’s” of medical marijuana usage and all of that, I am perfectly aware of it’s helpful principals but if you like pot that much, move to SWITZERLAND. Because, for the time being, it is NOT legal.

I am not saying that I am against pot either.  I am pro-LAW. That means, whether I like it or not I follow it. The speed limit is 15? I go 15.  And, if I decide that speed limit is lame and go 20 instead, I deserve the punishment that goes with it.  That is the risk that is taken for breaking the law.  Maybe before making pot brownies again, Lavoro should do his research on the chance that the police knock on his door again, not that he will have the option for awhile.

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