Firefighters Deserve The Spotlight, Not Kim Kardashian’s Toosh

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So I noticed that all of the news headlines today are featuring Kim Kardashian’s naked toosh and I kind of want to vomit.  She has a perfectly nice toosh, and is a perfectly lovely woman, but as a Christian I feel that instead of encouraging the world to lust after her maybe she oughta save all that for her husband.  Yep, crazy I know.  That and there are SO MANY OTHER important, news worthy things going on in this world, WHY does anyone CARE about a toosh that is just like a million others out there?

For example, in San Antonio the Firefighters have launched a fantastic initiative to keep children warm this winter.  In Texas most of us feel like we are going to freeze to death when the temperature is under 75 degrees, but for the kids it is worse. Many children’s parents can’t afford to keep them clothed properly and that exacerbates so many other issues like sickness which can ultimately lead to death in extreme cases. And we do have some very cold nights, that kids could really use some extra warmth for.  But we have heroes in this city that want to do something for these children and I think that is VERY news worthy.  Take a moment and check out the San Antonio Firefighter Operation Warm page and consider donating, let’s all do our part to make the winter warmer for our precious ones this year.


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