Giving Away the Ending

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He asked for freedom and ran with it.

Taking the reigns his heart flew on,

In the natural progression of growing attributes.

He took to the world like a child to candy,

Each passing moment bringing yet another poignant thrill.

A multitude of minutes he never wanted to forget.

He met a girl, a woman, a goddess,

Introduced her to his freedom and she joined him.

In all that was his, she stuck to him, like glue to paper,

He created a million more memories.

In a flash, in a second.

Until one day,

He entered the gray,

And all of the freedom he had was taken away.

Those joyful trivialities to which he was accustomed,

He no longer cared about.

For his heart was in it no more,

The ending given away,

Before the story was finished.

For freedom is fleeting,

As is life. As was her life.